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Manual Therapy Session

By utilizing orthopedic assessment and physical therapy evaluation techniques, a customized manual therapy session specific to your needs is performed. Techniques utilized during this session can include, but are not limited to, trigger point therapy (non-injectable), myofascial release, passive and assisted stretching, cupping, and massage.



Lymphatic Drainage Session

An advanced form of massage, targeting the lymphatic system to help remove congestion and facilitate the drainage of lymph. This technique is very effective in reducing edema (swelling) following surgery or injury. Lymphatic drainage massage uses very different tissue manipulation techniques and is done with light pressures.




Medical Massage

Highly advanced form of treatment with very specific goals. This is usually prescribed by a doctor following a motor vehicle accident, or to address acute or chronic injuries which have been shown to benefit from bodywork. When a loss of motor ability impedes function and the intent is to increase pain-free range of motion and facilitate a return to functional activities, medical massage is prescribed.



InfraRed Sauna

Utilizing Infra-red light emmiters instead of a standard heating element, results in deeper penetrating heat and a more relaxing experience.

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